Zuku reduces decoder prices

Zuku reduces decoder prices

Wananchi Group’s home of entertainment and communication services brand Zuku , has reduced the prices of its satellite decoders by almost 30 percent effective January 2015.

Under a campaign dubbed “Tuvuke Digital Na Zuku Satellite TV”, the firm has slashed its prices as the country readies itself for the first phase of the digital migration in Nairobi and its environment at the beginning of the New Year.

The firm, which has also embarked on a local and regional network expansion plan, has announced the bargain of its decoders from Kshs. 5,600 to Kshs. 3,999 as a measure to avail the world class-channels to more customers at an affordable price.

“The Christmas and New Year holidays offer opportunities for families and friends to share important moments in the comfort of their homes and we are giving this excellent offer to our customers given we understand their needs and provide the best ever channels for them to view,” said Wananchi Group CEO Richard Alden.

This offer includes a one-month classic package and Zuku TV viewers will be guaranteed an exclusive access to over 100 channels on a crystal clear quality satellite TV. In addition, all local channels are also included in the list of viewing experience.

The platform offers viewers with an array of viewing opportunities in movies, African soaps, and kids programming which will be an added advantage in the holiday period.

Besides this, Zuku offers enviable packages such as Poa, Classic, Premium and Asia and 51 FM Radio for its listeners. Zuku is also the first Internet Service Provider (ISP) to offer speeds of up to 50 mbps at the most competitive price in Nairobi and Mombasa.

“As Information and Communication Technology (ICT) continues to play a critical role in influencing the pace at which the economy grows, Zuku will continue to support the growth and penetration of its digital provision to its customers across the counties,” said Alden.

Wananchi Group brand Zuku is present in five African countries namely Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Malawi and Zambia. It is a major player across East and Southern Africa with investments of over Kshs 36 billion (US$ 410 million).