The channel offers various genres from drama, comedy, romance , to thrillers

Wananchi Group’s home entertainment brand, Zuku now has  a 24-hour channel dedicated to showing movies from the Nigerian film industry.

The channel offers various genres from drama, comedy, romance , to thrillers, traditional fantasy through to true story movies and family shows which are all in English and broadcast seven days a week. 

“Zuku Nolly is a  24/7 movie channel dedicated to showing Nollywood movies on Channel 211. We are very keen to offer our subscribers  relevant content and our research findings point to the increasing popularity of Nigerian movies to a large section of our audience,” said Wananchi Group CEO Richard Alden.

He said Zuky Nolly will bring into as many homes as possible, the best of the Nigeria  industry which is the third largest film producing country in the world after Hollywood and Bollywood. 

Zuku has also swapped Islamic channel 891 Safeer to Kaaba TV, likewise an Islamic channel.

“There is more in store as we develop content  with an eye to quality and context in the markets we are operating in for our great value- for -money offering ” Mr. Alden added.

One month ago, Zuku reconfigured its Classic and Premium packages on Direct to Home Satellite Television to enrich its customers’ entertainment experience, at no extra cost.

The Poa offering moved into Classic which with the Zuku Nolly now has 13 new additional channels, and Classic to Premium with 20 additional channels.