ZUKU launches affordable TV package

The package dubbed Zuku Smart will cost customers a monthly subscription fee of Kshs 399 only

Wananchi Group’s home entertainment brand Zuku has introduced an exciting new low-cost television package that includes regional, and a variety of alternative genre channels with the main emphasis on local content.

The package dubbed Zuku Smart will cost customers a monthly subscription fee of Kshs 399 only and has over 31 quality channels that are a healthy mix of local major free-to-air, news, special interest entertainment and children’s channels.

“As a Kenyan home-grown brand, we endeavour to meet the entertainment needs of all our customers. This low-cost package offers quality and relevant local television entertainment content at an affordable price,” Eric Casse DTH Managing Director, Wananchi Group said in a statement.

“To further sweeten this launch, all customers who pay for 6 months subscription consecutively from today, will receive one month’s subscription free; the same will apply to those who pay for 6 months in advance. Even better, those who pay 12 months consecutively or in advance, will receive 2 months free subscription,” Mr. Casse added.

According to a report to the Communications Authority of Kenya (CA), ‘Only 71 per cent of Kenyan TV owners had bought set top boxes (STBs) by November of 2015, translating into about 2.5 million people with access to pay TV.  The CA estimates that about 3.5 million Kenyan households own TV sets, meaning that about one million are yet to buy the gadgets without which they cannot access any television broadcasts.’

“This is part of the Zuku’s reaffirmation of our commitment to ensuring that customers get value for their money in terms of providing quality affordable TV content,” said Mr. Casse.

Even with the influx of pay TV providers in the country and the entry of American brand, Netflix, most set top boxes are still retailing at a high price hence Zuku’s decision to launch a more affordable offering.

According to the CA report, 45 per cent of those who had not yet switched to digital signals indicated they had not made the switch because it was too expensive.


Zuku has ensured that customers who subscribe to this package do not remain locked in and has therefore allowed them the option to upgrade to whichever package they please even after subscription.