Zuku offers you various convenient ways to make your payment including Mobile Money transfers such as M-Pesa, Airtel and also through Visa Cards. To find out more on how to settle your bill, click on the options below .

* Please note, Zuku will update payments made via Mpesa, Airtel money, Equity Bank, Prime Bank and Pesapal every two hours.


  • Go to M-PESA on your phone
  • Select Pay Bill option
  • Enter Business no. 320323
  • Enter XXXXX in account code where XXXXX is your zuku account number
  • Enter the Amount
  • Enter your M-PESA PIN and Send
  • You will receive a confirmation via SMS
  • Payment reflects on Zuku within 15 minutes


  • Go to Airtel ->airtel money option on your phone
  • Select make payments option
  • Select pay bill option
  • Select OTHER
  • Enter business name ZUKUSAT
  • Enter Amount
  • Enter your PIN
  • For reference enter XXXXX where XXXXX is your Zuku account number
  • You will receive a confirmation SMS and email from Zuku.
  • Payment reflects on Zuku within 15 minutes


  • Go to Equitel on your phone
  • Select my Money option
  • Select send/Pay option
  • Select the account you wish to pay from
  • Select others and Enter Business no. 320323
  • Enter account code
  • Enter the Amount
  • Enter your Equitel PIN and Send
  • You will receive a confirmation via SMS
  • Payment reflects on Zuku within one hour

  • Click Direct link Here
  • Enter account details on the form and click continue
  • Follow the payment steps as shown in www.pesapal.com
  • For Credit Card Payments, select Visa/Mastercard and enter the details as shown
  • Click on Complete
  • You will receive a confirmation via SMS
  • Payment reflects on Zuku within 15 minutes

* Payment through Equity is available to ALL Zuku customers, at any bank branch

* Cheque payment made through Equity bank has to be made 3 working days in advance to ensure account is updated in good time

Available in all Equity bank branches countrywide

Cash and cheque payments only; no EFT payment accepted

Fill in an equity deposit slip indicating the following details:

  • Bank account name: Wananchi Group (K) Ltd.
  • Account number which is 0180290281503
  • Branch: Community Corporate

Indicate your Zuku client code on a visible spot on the deposit slip
You will receive an Equity payment deposit slip, for your reference
Account in Zuku will be updated within 48 hours (if your email address on Zuku is updated, you will also receive an email notification within the same period)

Step 1

Step 2

  • Go to/dial your respective USSD number for your bank
  • If your mobile number is mapped to a ZUKU account number,you will receive your bill.
  • If your mobile number is not mapped to any ZUKU account,you will be asked to enter the ZUKU account number to pay for.
  • Once you select either to settle the presented bill or to pay a different amount,you will be asked to confirm the payment.
  • A confirmation of receipt will be sent to you and your payment will be forwarded to ZUKU for processing.

Download the Eazzy banking App from Google play store or the App store

  • Log into the Eazzy Banking App
  • Click on the [+] sign
  • Select Eazzy Pay
  • Select Pay bill Type Zuku to search for Pay bill number or Type 320323
  • Enter your Zuku Fiber Account number E.g. ZukuXXX
  • Enter Amount
  • Confirm details
  • Enter PIN. You will receive a confirmation SMS

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