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Loyalty Programme

Loyalty program is a reward program for customers based on subscription payment for renewal of the Services, where customer will earn one month bandwidth rump up for consecutive and on time (no disconnection) renewal or free days for each renewal period paid for as per the Accrual Matrix.

The Loyalty program proposed will have two plans;

v  Speed Rump up

v  Free days service access:

ü  7 days of free internet service

ü  14 days of free internet service

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30 days of free internet service

This is an increase of customer’s internet speed by upgrading the account to the next higher internet package, TV channels will not be considered.

Any customer remains entitled to earn rewards by meeting the timely payment threshold. • Any customer remains entitled to earn rewards by prepaying for the internet service for 3, 6, and 12 months. The value on the whole bouquet (internet +TV).

All customers will get automatic enrolment at launch, no subscription will be required.

  • Customers who pay consecutively on time for 3 months will automatically get a bandwidth rump up on the 4th Month, so long as the account is active and paid on time on the 4th Month.
  • Customers who pay for 3,6 and 12 months in advance will automatically get 7,14 and 30 free days on 4th,7th and 13th Months respectively.

  • The equipment has to be changed/ upgraded by booking a work order.
  • Loyalty upgrade to be implemented after the high end equipment has been installed.


i) The i30 package, the speed rump up will be i60 package
ii) The i15 package, the speed rump up will be i30 package

NB: the rump up is based on the current package in the account.

Client will be issued with free days in term of monitory equivalent

The customer will be able to confirm the reward accrued via:

• Zuku Website
• Zuku Telegram BOT

  • This is will be evident on the monthly billing invoice
  • SMS sent to client after points have been redeemed.

Client will be issued with free days in term of monitory equivalent.
NO. The number days issued will be in monitory form equivalent to the free days.

NB: Clients due date should not be changed under any circumstance. Once an account is credited with the free days in monetary form, the client will need to be educated to make payment less the days credited.

If the account has been active consecutively for 3 months and offer extended on the 4th month so long as the account does not get disconnect or go to PAS (Prepay auto suspend).

On 2nd month you would have obtained 2 points, On the third month since payment was not made on time, the account will have 0 points.

NO! Upgrade packages have been set on the system to tally with their current packages.
NO. The offer (loyalty program) is based on increase of internet speeds to client’s package. If the client is interested with decoder, they will be required to make installation charges and pay for the TV package.
NO. Customer will still enjoy the program so long as the account is paid for on time.
All queries related to Zuku Fiber to be channel to our customer experience center through 0205205205 or via email on support@zukufiber.co.ke
Rewards will be forfeited if not redeemed by the end of 13th month from month of enrollment
Please visit the link() on the Zuku website for the terms and conditions of the program.