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Zuku Satelite

This phenomenon is known as “Rain fade” which can occur due to bad weather at reception of signal or at the source causing rain fade.

With satellite TV, the signal is affected by adverse weather condition like rains, strong winds or heavy cloud cover, thus making the quality of the satellite tv signal reception to be distorted. It causes signal scattering, due to refraction and diffraction of electromagnetic waves in and around rain drops hence the reason behind signal loss. That said when the rain, winds or cloud cover clears, normal service resumes

  • The dish is installed at a position where there is a clear view of the sky for example at the rooftop of your building, veranda, terrace etc.

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  • This can be caused by the following problems.You have not connected the cable from your satellite dish to your receiver. Double check that you have all the cables connected correctly at the receiver
    Your satellite dish is misaligned or faulty. If you have not recently used your satellite dish check the cables outside are still connected and the dish is in good condition.
    Your coax cable or connector is damaged
    Heavy rains.
    Dish misalignment
    Loose connection of the Coaxial cable
    Damaged Coaxial cable
    Faulty L.N.B
    Bad weather /Rainfall Fade
    Sun outages
  •  Check to confirm the cable from the TV to the Zuku decoder is in place and firmly fixed
  • Check to confirm that you are on the correct Input source for Zuku programming e.g. AV1/2 or HDMI 1/ 2
  • Check to see if the decoder is on standby. If so, turn it on.
    If you’re still experiencing trouble contact customer care on 0205 205 205.

  • Check that the video cable, yellow in color, are well fixed and in the correct yellow port
    Check and confirm that you are not on the Radio channels option using the remote for the decoder

  • Not as yet, we are however to explore this in the future.